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Thanks Augusta, what is your middle name. Are you also 'French'? No offense to my BDI buddy?  

Just suck a little of my left one. I'll feel much better. Thanks.... "lol" Stop, I'm being sort of nice. "lol" does that work. 

Oh fruck, grovel grovel grovel.  
@PipeSticks is going to be so disappointed in me. 


Well fruck that monkey. He's probably so immersed in more ... .... ..... ... .. . . . . then I am. 

J/K "lol" (has @MS got it yet? ツ ツ )  


... ... 
... ... 
. . . 

I know what you mean @TK "the animated graphic at the top of the forum leaves nothing to the imagination:" 

Is the new SOH going to include more graphic capabilities?  
ROTFLMFAO (1SexyStud of course can't wait..... @TK j/k don't freak, our intentions are 'always' responsible.) "lol" ༼ꉺˇɷˇꉺ༽ 

@MS "lol" Are we done yet? 
grovel grovel grovel! 

ツ ツ  

@MarketSniper are you keeping tabs on who I need to payoff for my non-s

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Please, get medical help! 2/8/18