View: Morning Coffee, Day Trading Watchlist 1.2 | SharePlanner

Morning Coffee, Day Trading Watchlist 1.2 | SharePlanner

"Oh, the best part of waking up..."

Happy New Year form the SharePlanner trading community. I hope it's prosperous and successful for all. 

Futures up big as SPY will have a huge gap up to set the tone for 2013. The opening price of the year is always a huge deal and I'll be anxious to see if this gap up holds. 

 Morning Coffee - Day-Trading Watch-List 1 $HLF- This stock is squeezing causing a massive bounce play. With all the drama surrounding this stock it's bound to be volatile.  Watch the tape closely as it continues its move.  2 $DECK- This stock had trouble going up in the later part of Monday afternoon despite the market surging. I'll be looking for any weakness today and possibly take a couple short stabs at it.   3

$ZIP- I wanted to put a wild one on the list this morning. Zipcar was just bought out by Avis for 5,000,000 in cash. The stock is up almost 50% in PM trading. 

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