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This is just an observation indicating that this bull run could continue to 1900+ with precedent within many of our lifetimes. Now of course, if I chose the wrong dump for comparison in the 1966 to 1980 time frame, what happens after this potential rise could be drastically different.


Jesterx - Stop Losses Rule!Jesterx - Stop Losses Rule!
yes, all this year I have heard the market is topping every few weeks, and on the terminals have seen more buy stops get triggered, and yet, then there was more top calling, and then more newer highs after. 
There is no doubt about it, your chart is bullish, when you see a chart go from bottom left to top right that is NOT BEARISH, but yet bears have blown up accounts in the process trying to pick tops. Oh dear. I would not be surprised if we see 1750, 1800 soon, and 1900, while some might laugh at that, I certainly will not. 10/1/13