View: DAYTRADING — e-Mini futures forecast | Are We There Yet

DAYTRADING — e-Mini futures forecast | Are We There Yet

Day Trading eMini futures - Today's forecast

All my charts will have 4 lines. Usually, Bottom box is BUY zone and TOP box is SELL zone. The middle two lines are crucial for the day. Please add your own indicators for further confirmation. Green signals denotes bullish or a Top. White/Red ones usually brings the prices down or a bottom. These two scenarios are decided how the price reacts at the middle lines. Remember, all my prices look greyed or dull. That is done on purpose to highlight the SIGNAL bars. Also, the bubble you see on my signal bar shows the month/day of the signal bar. Important factor to remember out of my chart is just to look at the PRICE of the lines that I draw. Watch the price action near those lines. The Middle lines are crucial for action. If you are a veteran then you know that Daytrading involves risk and you can use my price levels for your stop-loss to save your capital.

Comment if you want to know more.

ES ChartNo signal yet today. But we can always use yesterday’s and today’s other emini charts. Today, we got a signal in YM. So, you can use that to trade others. They tend to follow the same path as others in their own speed.

TF ChartNo signal yet today. Use YM for today.

 NQ ChartNo signal yet today. Use YM for today.

YM ChartBullish by signal. I will buy at 15616 as long as it doesn’t breach that level. If it breaches, then wait for confirmation to go up either by double bottom, or higher high. Mostly, it will go up. I still didn’t get any signal in other symbols today.

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