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USD: Is the US Dollar headed for resistance?


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A 3 point trendline makes it statistically significant. I feel the more significant question is can stocks continue to rise with the dollar. IMO, it's also significant to think about how a strong dollar will impact our economy. Given the fact most countries are trashing their money with the hope of boosting their exports will the USA's ability to extract hydrocarbons justify a stronger petrodollar or will it backfire ? The Earth is primarily a hydrocarbon based economy and too many countries are tired of using manipulated fiat, issued without any tangible backing (other than military might), to pay oil bills.
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Resistance is futile. Though the prior rally was a 50% retracement and that would hit the trendline again. What's amazing is how much that chart lines up timewise. 12 years from 1985 Plaza Accord top to the Asian Crisis. 12 years from 2002 top to 2014 euro? yen? yuan? crisis. Also the current spike in the dollar is similar to the 3 month spike from Dec 1996 to March 1997, which led to the baht collapse. 10/5/14