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Last Bear standing???? Before you trend followers (ie smart money making traders) make fun of this please note that I know the trend is up. And therefore likely tomorrow will also be up. But someday or year the party will be over. So why not soon? I am not saying anyone should trade on this chart but it says to me MAYBE the party is about over. Like all things in life it is fun to have an opinion, it is always good to be prepared. Take care. TB  
PS With all the indicators and volume going down and the support-resistance lines being hit may a reversal is at hand.


Market SniperMarket Sniper
There is NOTHING really yet that says get short. Yes, it will happen and when it does, we will have PLENTY of time to take a large chunk out of that move down. until then, trade what is right in front of you. 2/18/15
Mark, I know your right and I try to do this and usually when I do I am rewarded. But sometimes the charts say be ready for a change. BUT WAIT for a sign. The Waiting is a really hard part for me. Appreciate your input. Tom B 2/18/15
I find it interesting the volume analysis used by placing a declining trendline off a major low (in this case from 2011) and that somehow proves that the rise since 2011 has been weak. Don't you think a spike volume off a low in an uptrend is bullish, not bearish? 2/19/15
Dink. Good to here from you. Of course I think you are right. Nothing seems to get pass you. But don't you the declining volumes as price rises Lon term is negative? Then often there seems to be a volume spike at or near both bottoms and tops. What do you think? T 2/19/15
Tomb: No, rising price on declining volume is actually bullish. I'll leave you to do the research to discover why, but once you do, your training will be complete and together we shall rule the equity galaxy. 2/20/15
Dink You da man thanks 2/21/15