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this EOD candle & volume occurred in the last minute of trading. the pattern of the dumping price action makes me think it was panic selling. wot say you?


On the daily, however, you came down to the late JAN pin price, so ... 3/10/15
high TRIN with no spike in TICK, I think we have another surprise waiting Thursday....check the history of the rollover at the end of quarter before the opex. 3/10/15
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Who are you?  
Peter Gabriel? 
do you think that pin price of late Jan is a support level? I would agree... until it is broken, then trap door look out. 
What freaks me out is the last minute of trading action. 
Does that mean anything, or is it algos on crack? 3/10/15
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thanks butchie. i will post a new stack on TRINQ 3/10/15