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INDU weekly log: Top in for the dow industrials? I think likely.  
In February I posted this log weekly with the Fibonacci Fan when the INDU was at "4". I said "Since the last posting the price has again nearly returned to one of the lines. (at 4). Still could go a little lower to hit the line. Will it bounce from there as it did from 2? It seems likely to me. I favor it all may top out at the thicker solid black line" It did bounce right after that up to now and has reached the "solid black line" which from the chart looks like it should be a great resistance point. Of course it could keep going up but I favor more likely we are at the end. Watching closely for signs of reversal. If it occurs I am all in for a bearish summer. Take care. Feedback always appreciated. And all you daily bloggers at least give this look. Thanks. Tomb


We are no longer an 'Industrial' nation, to put it mildly. Servicio und uberTechni, yes, industriol, nyet. 4/6/16
nice chart 4/7/16
Nice chart! 4/7/16