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Does anybody have idea why $SPX:$STOXX600 and $USD has correlation?


I guess we will not have s&p500 correction untill $usd begin rebound. 4/18/16
The USD is about to rebound, so I guess that means a market correction? 4/19/16
yes, if think so 4/19/16
$usd have inverted correlation with sp500 and oil. That's why sp500 have correlation with oil. $usd is the key. 4/19/16
Main driver of this market is monetary base. USA monetary base is a leading indicator. If it rise market up, if it down market down. Europe flood the usa with money in april. That's becaus of QE extension. We saw it last spring and now we see it again. I guess final will be the same. Decline of monetary base last summer have lead to august sell-off. I hope monetary base begin decline in May again. 4/19/16