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S&P 500: Still hope for the bears? 
I have been thinking the price action in the major US indices looked like kind of triangle consolidation developing for the last week or so. Here is the way I see the S& P 500. Basically I think we have an a-b-c downside move with the "b" wave an expanding triangle 
Have a great week trading.


SP rally stalled at 2085 resistance- these Brexit polls have been all over the place, this week will be interesting. Last I saw was 45% stay, 42% go, that's awfully close. support-for-the-uk-remain-camp-2016-06-20 6/20/16
Very nice, Tomb. I want you to know that you are one whom I respect for your analysis. I have decided to leave Slope for good. I've been so disgusted with the fraudulent claims and whining from TK that I can't ethically remain here and give his website any more presence. I wish you the best of luck, but with your mind and talent I doubt you'll need luck. I hope you can help those here become better analysts, because the state of technical analysis around here is very sad. Farewell. 6/20/16
Dink sorry to see that as I really appreciate the way you see things and have a lot to learn from you. Let me know if you post somewhere else please. Best to ya. 6/20/16
Nice chart 6/20/16