View: Evening Tape for June 18 | SharePlanner

Evening Tape for June 18 | SharePlanner

Quick Glance at the Market Heat Map and Industries


Financials took a beating.  Tech led the way with health care but they were still very mixed. 

SharePlanner Compass:

Tempted to move it to uptrend, but we are struggling now with that 50-day moving average, and would like to see what happens in the way of a pullback should we get one. 

The Chart of the Day...

This is a ETF that I wouldn't have otherwise ever known about, but it is responsible for some of the biggest gains in our SharePlanner Chat-Room this year. MikeK provided us with this trading idea, and he has been using it regularly to short the market via the Russell. Unlike other ultra ETF's this one isn't a victim of time-decay, and its gains are usually larger than most 2x and 3x ETFs. The downside is the lack of volume. So you have to be careful when you are staging a position in this ETF.

Evening Articles 

And of course...the RIDICULOUS!

Since the NBA Finals is upon us and expected to go on throughout the week (assuming OKC can win at least one game) I'm dedicating this week to basketball bloopers (just wait until the Olympics comes around)

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