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Out of EUR short to replace it by a better one IMO 


You're bearish metals? 3/16/17
Yes, medium term big time. Maybe it can bounce bigger, not sure about that 
Pleasure to see you bro ;) 3/16/17
You as well my friend. I am long metals for the record, but for a longer term time frame. Hedged of course, so I can sleep at night,....if I choose to anyway. 3/16/17
I see what you mean. 
I'm gonna give you my opinion, not to try to convince you but only because I like you and because I'm pretty confident about that one: 
I have several thousands of ounces of physical silver that I cumulated between nov2012 and nov2015, I'm extremely bullish long term but realized not too long ago that "someone" is in control. 
One thing is clear to me, the structure of the rise since last dec shows that this is a bubble (gold is gonna go below 1130 again later) 
So if you want a good cheap hedge IMO $1100-$1150 6-8 months puts on gold are very good and cheap enough (and look @ gold volat recently beaten down to the floor) 
I think paper buyers are what permits this game to continue despite everything. 
That's the reason I called my profile "silver singularity" because I think that silver is gonna be the one that gonna force this whole complex to return bull again someday. 
Until few months ago I didn't want to short PM looking @ the apparent enormous risk (wouldn't have slept @ night either) 
Now I think that until 1130 broken, there is no risk to short and the insider trade for years have been short paper buy physical 
I posted charts on silver showing how cheap it is right now (1979 was the first time it traded @ this price and didn't stoped there @ that time. the s&p was like 100 or 120 in 1979) 
I think this market just can't rise before paper buyers get exterminated and certainly can't rise significantly and sustanably from there with plenty of silver to sell (looking @ commercials on the COT) 
See u later bro :) 3/17/17
I very much appreciate you expressing your view to me. Very much so. I tend to agree whole-heartedly with the physical ownership over paper. And I have always favored silver over gold for its use as a store of value, in addition to other uses (shift to this over platinum in some autos etc) When people tell me something bigger is at work, I suppose all we can do is follow the footprints and surmise with a sound intellectual hypothesis as to the rationale, though timing is STILL, and will always remain, one of the most important disciplines of trading. I have long suspected that the BRIC nations have been looking to dethrone the USD as the reserve currency and thought that precious metal accumulation would be the basis for the backing of a new world currency. Perhaps that would make too much sense.. I can also see speculators not wanting to deal with storage costs bidding up paper version of the metal over physical. I, too, am long physical in size, but for my fund, I trade the paper, with hedges in place. Perhaps now is a time to roll more downside protection on as an overhedge since you point out the relative cheapness of such insurance. Again, I appreciate the effort to share what you do, and to me personally as well. Even for those who do not share your views at times, the community is better for having you espouse them. JC 3/17/17