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SLV looking bullish here short term


ZeroPointMind ΦZeroPointMind Φ
That's an interesting chart, thanks. Except for your trendline, which is valid, I don't see anything that says bullish. 7/7/17
The DirectorThe Director
Basically lower highs and lower lows? Slim thinks the same 7/7/17
Depends. Multiple things can happen after the bounce here. I will say I don't think we're far off from the start of a major bull market in gold and silver. The next downturn of the economy will bring action from the fed and send these things to the moon. Bull market is in the 8th inning. 7/7/17
if the proper chart TL's were drawn you would see a declining wedge possible pattern. howevfer, that is a long way from completion. price needs to hold this support zone before any judgement should be rendered and $$$ put at risk 7/7/17
Amen to that, Mo! 7/7/17