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I guess U understand my pseudo choice @ this point 


Bonne Année ! 12/31/17
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Merci :) 
Meilleurs voeux! 12/31/17
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Je ne comprends pas complètement. 
So a pop in silver coming? 
But being the devils advocate, you could also see a gigantic IHS pointing back to the highs (lows) of the chart. 12/31/17
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Well, first, to validate this pattern it has to break the previous low @$13,90 (chart analysis) 
My opinion is: good luck with that! 
Here's my point, you are looking at the nominal price without taking in consideration that we are in a very inflationnary system. 
Let me shock you: The day silver topped @$50 in 1980 the dow jones was 850 points. Today the dow is 24800 (the dow is calculated without reinvested dividends like the S&P) That means that if silver stays @ this price and the dow comes back to the same relative value as it was in 1980 it would need to fall to 250 points (yes two hundred and fifty). On the other way if the dow stays @24800 and silver goes back to the same relative value to the dow it would need to rise to $1458. 
And in top of that keep in mind that the guy that sold silver to buy the dow in 1980 collected dividends every year that aren't included in this equation (but that's fair because silver doesn't pay dividends) 
I'm not saying that silver is gonna go back to the relative value that it reached in 1980 but that shows you that in an inflationnary environment price doesn't=value! 
The guy that bought silver @$50 in 2011 is obviously losing a lot at this point but he bought way cheaper than the guy that bought @ the same price in 1980 
In fact in almost every value metric, silver is cheaper @$17 today than in 2009 when it bottomed below $10 (and @ that time you couldn't buy physical @ that price because it was in very tight supply so premiums where around 50%) 
Just for the example, if you deflate the price of silver by the dow composite total return (reinvested dividends), silver is cheaper today than when it bottomed @$3.50 in 1990. 
You can see it by yourself in stockcharts ( $djctr:$silver) in fact I'm gonna post that chart here. 12/31/17
Ditto.... 12/31/17