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Yes, TY @NYGrad --->> much, much, further. Nothing ever in a 'strait' line, though.....  

I can't even think strait. "lol" (this week has been fantastic and challenging) 

Now on to the weekend activities. My new date is arriving soon. 

For BDI (Blow me - or however strait guys do it) "lol" 

Anri Sala is amazing: He is actually from Albania. 

1SexyStud is 1dumb'merica IS GREAT ツ ツ  

Thanks @Anoniem and Dad @TreasureHunter. (It's so enjoyable watching your man love relationship) (assuming you are both men :- Both of you have adams apples? Right? ROTFLMFAO "OLL" 

More horse pictures please.....

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So most are not figuring this is the top and a head and shoulders will form here. It will form at higher levels. 
Interesting.......thank you for sharing that. 2/9/18
Vids on next post. 
Come meet us Vegas in June and find out............... 2/10/18