03/12/18 Swing Trade Chart


Today's action was not unexpected but due to the market's erratic nature of late, I decided to reduce the small trade I put on last Friday by half so I now have a very small position. The chart needs to quickly get PA2 above zero and PA6 needs to start producing white diamonds again. Another 100+ point down day tomorrow and I'll probably exit. Markets like this are the hardest to trade and they can continue this way for months so one has to be very frugal when testing new entries. Eventually, there will be a new trend but if one is not careful they can burn up a lot of money sticking with questionable trades. Best to keep everything small until a solid hook-up comes along. The strategy is still up a couple hundred dollars and I'm down what might be enough to buy a couple six packs of cheap beer and a bag or two of peanuts. 3/12/18