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Daily chart of $INXG. Bailed out of $INXG at the red arrow (red candlestick on lower high). Re-entered at the green arrow (green candlestick on higher low). Boringly safe. Banked 1% on $INXG in 4 days. During those 4 days the money was on an equities ETF which banked another 1% concurrently. Making 2% on everything in 4 days. 

#lowrisk #boringlyeasy #rinse&repeat


My only regret on this trade is that I didn't re-enter at the red candle on the third day. But when you're looking at a red candlestick which is similar to a hammer that kind of puts you off from re-entering. Even though the chances were fairly good that it would bounce there. Instead I waited for the lower high to confirm itself on the following day. 1/13/20