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deficit since 2011.jpg (1280×801)

A new record of Federal losses. USA! USA! Hey, at least $TSLA is up, right?


What's the problem? record-322-in- q3/?utm_campaign=CFODailyAlert&utm_nooverride=1&utm_source=CFO- email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=CFODailyAlert_Monday_2020-1- 13&utm_term=credit 1/13/20
How does the Fed lose money? For starters, they print it and they lend it out for interest on the Repo Market. What are they doing to make a loss? 1/13/20
Budget deficits don't matter. Someone high up once said. 1/28/20
The CBO are a bunch of do nothing democratic liberal hacks. If they just asked me I would have told them I have a fantastic plan to erase the deficit and then pay off the debt as I promised I would do on the campaign trail. If the FED would just lower rates we could begin to focus on refinancing and paying off the debt. Janet Powell is so dumb! 
It’s cash flow we need to worry about 1/28/20