View: GS vol.png

GS vol.png

GS is about to qualify into an actionable trade!  

Notice the "lone" extreme low volume printed only 1 bar ago. Rare! Now we need to discover the market's ultimate direction here...through auction. 

Usually, the market will "test" support first s1 or s2, the green lines, if the market here is bullish. Since this looks to be a huge move, given the rare appearance of a fat-tail, I would wager a test of s2 first. Patience now... 

If the market is bearish, then perhaps a probe of the resistance at r1, the line in red, then a break below supports s1 AND s2. 

Price volatility-wise - a nice magenta candle would confirm the bull case for me... 

A big move is about to take place in either case! We only need be patience and let other "clues" reveal themselves.


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