What good is a chart if things do not repeat that can be taken advantage of? Given the current crypto market, I think this one wants to drop to 38 and hug it for 2 weeks. Will check daily. Order still in down there. Meme acceleration is not impossible. 

Errata: Somewhat impressed Bitcoin bounced where it did. I will be way more impressed if it stays bounced. Also looking back it is not in Bitcoin's manners to stall out for 3 months at a top. Usually, it just dumps and murders everyone within a 400 mile radius in 7-14 days. 

Things have changed.


Tim KnightTim Knight
Next murder coming, and we're heading to the mid-30s. 5/17/21
I nibbled on a little Bitcoin today... Couldn't wait for the mid-30s but will get more if it drops to that area. 5/17/21