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Not a super clear pattern that I can discern -- but up $675 since January is confounding. Anybody ever been in an Autozone? As a white trash connoisseur of auto parts stores, I'll tell you it ranks behind any independent Napa, O'Reilly, and CarQuest.  

Shorting strategy is an issue. Awful options and liquidity - and shorting this outright takes a ton of capital.

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Tim KnightTim Knight
Yeah, I wouldn't touch it. Stuff like that is the Chipotle of retail. 12/3/21
I have been giving that chart a gigantic "WTF?!?!?" since 2018. 
I have no idea, and been scareddto mess with it the entire time. 12/3/21
you could always buy a 1 to 1 bear put spread 
if your price isn't hit, so be it 12/3/21
I remember people asking about this stock on the Slope back in 2009. Same thing then. 12/4/21