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Insane. I have no words.


There is something in the Kool-Aid and we didn't get any. 3/16/22
In the valley of the blind the one-eyed man is King. 3/16/22
Baby BearBaby Bear
nucking futs 3/16/22
Honduki "The Incel of Ineptitude"Honduki "The Incel of Ineptitude"
@Garcia65 After that afternoon, if Jim Jones is the bartender -- I'll take a shot of that Kool Aid. 3/16/22
Patience guys. Smells like first week of February 2020. And if garbage like AMC posts another anti-logic jump all the way up to kiss 20 week ema while the rest of the S&P is starting to roll over, Bear Dance is On. 3/16/22