View: Morning Coffee, Day-Trading Watchlist for 12.11 | SharePlanner

Morning Coffee, Day-Trading Watchlist for 12.11 | SharePlanner

"Oh, the best part of waking up..."

Tis the season for special dividends!  I'm all over these plays and you should be too.

Market is gapping up this morning and plenty of stocks are in play. High fliers like MCP, AAPL and it's down trend or any of the stocks mentioned below in morning coffee make great candidates today. Be careful at the open though as we have been gap filling very consistently the past few week. 

 Check out some of today's highly anticipated stocks to day-trade while you have your morning coffee.   Morning Coffee - Day-Trading Watch-List 1 $EXPE- A coffee "carry over" for me from yesterday. This stock tanked yesterday off the priceline downgrade and in theory should be ba bargain to some extent today. I'm still long bias from the special dividend announcement.  2 $LTD- Announced a $3 dollar special dividend as this firm is trying to sure up it's place in the retail market. This stock will be in play today and I'll be a dip buyer, similar to the other special divy plays.  3 $ KORS- Despite dropping 3% yesterday, KORS awoke to an increased price target from Piper Jaffray causing the stock to gap up. It now puzzles me but will work well for intra-day trading. 

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