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The Angle of the Dangle 

I was curious when I first joined this site when I headed over to the charts portion and noticed our benevolent leader Tim had included an angle feature along with those trusty trendlines. I have never read anything about trendline angles in any of the technical analysis books I had read, which for the record, is not many. I think I remember something about the idea when pursuing Gan briefly shortly after New Year's Eve 2000. 

Technicals get a little weird (to me) when you try to invision a price that is marking all time highs.  

Just happened to notice BTC went ass up last time when it decided 80 degrees was too high of a mountain to climb. 

Chart is not log because the whole angle thing gets a little weird. 

Saved for posterity. Maybe it is a thing, maybe it isn't...

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Great observation...... maybe BTC will do a 90 degree angle and goto 100k before crashing back to 1k? 1/9/21
The Vulcan Sloper akaGrinThe Vulcan Sloper akaGrin
When you see a wick on the monthly chart that is 50% of the candle size, that's you know it's over. 1/9/21
Good observation, however seeing as how angles change when you zoom in and out, an angle based setup is practically impossible. Unless you are talking set timeframes. 1/9/21