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Thomas Cook is close to bankruptcy. They don't have enough money to keep their airline going through the winter. They've asked the banks for money. Lots of volatility in the price. Brexit is likely to just make things a little riskier and a little trickier for them because people are confused about what happens before and after Brexit even though their passport expiry dates are well in to the future. Dumbasses! You think that your passport just expires when Brexit happens? Dumbasses!


Mr. WizardMr. Wizard
How could they go downhill so fast? Losing 95% of their value in just over a year? 8/13/19
Very old and very well respected company. That's what probably kept them going for so long. But now the cat is out of the bag. They could easily go poof! 8/13/19
Not Sure" Squirrel #1 Most IgnoredNot Sure" Squirrel #1 Most Ignored
Condor unit, used to find tickets for ex gf Frankfurt to Florida non-stop as low as $298RT 8/13/19