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The DirectorThe Director
Fibs and channels, bitcoin, long term view 7/8/17
The DirectorThe Director
Source: 7/8/17
BTCpkr70002 Bitcoin going to 180kBTCpkr70002 Bitcoin going to 180k
Wish I knew with an ounce of certainty. People are starting to get really bearish and that's very welcome in my book. 7/16/17
The DirectorThe Director
3228: 1 , USD: BTC 
Looks like it has pierced upper bound, meaning higher prices ahead? 8/6/17
Just Another GuyJust Another Guy
I'm betting on a continuation of bitcoin smashing thru 3k. Only a move below the prior resistance around 2975 would make me pause. 8/6/17
The DirectorThe Director
4335, breaking upper bound was correct. Only clear that $3000 is support. 8/14/17
The DirectorThe Director
Support at 3200 9/13/17
The DirectorThe Director
3000 held as support. 9/16/17