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Every Day the evil one in the White House can't get out of his own way. The entire GOP are bowing to a moron. Reading the Slope comments as a metaphor for the general population, leaves one in wonderment regarding the blind leading the blind FFN $FOXA  

My squirrel Boca RAT neighbor seems so confused by what truly is going on. Perhaps Boca Raton is now becoming Red Neck like the part of Florida north of West Palm Beach. Perhaps Palm Beaches Mary-a-Lego, has so brought down ALL of Palm Beach County. It's really getting embarrassing with this administration, to even admit I'm a life long Florida Resident. GO GATORS :- ROTFLMFAO  

This smells worse than Tim's recent visitors. Rats, Skunks, Squirrels are all in the same Rodent family.  
You just have to laugh and wish all your successful trading buds a happy and safe weekend. Play safe and make certain your gun

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