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Targeting $40 then $38 ish 
That's right @MS and I agree on China. For very different reasons, of course. 

Interesting, no matter what Trump says it's always the opposite of reality, similar to everything @MS says. Unless of course you only watch the "Real" News FFN (Fox Fake New)! LOL 

@MS is as biased as listening to either Fox or CNN. He will never listen to any opposing views. Both Trump and @MS are " It's my way or the highway". Even though everything Trump and @MS is counter to what is right, honest, and just. Yes, another investigation is about to start. Yes, Trump has more wives, slept with more women, is a pussy grabber. Supportive of white supremisis and Nazi. Has no clue on being president. Lost more money then any other in business. What a LOSER! 

"Damn, that MARKETSNIPER cannot handle shit being thrown at him. He sure likes to dish it out but cannot handle incoming. Thought he was made of sterner stuff. What a disappointment." 
See how that works. it's the guiding principle of everything Tr

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Market SniperMarket Sniper
Hey twerp! How are doing? Really sad about your Uncle Buck! Talk about a loser. But hey, how about that Mayor Pete! LOL.. 9/20/19
Market SniperMarket Sniper
Feel free to blab your worthless BS. Fine with me. 9/20/19
And there she goes! Rare form today @MS. Hope your health is better. Chump is either in Fear or his mental health is suffering. 
Another Interesting film: GIVE ME LIBERTY 9/20/19
Here you go again! 
"You, obviously, have never dealt with CONSERVATIVE RIGHTWING NUTJOBS. Debate and tolerance with them is not possible. The demonization of HILLARY/OBAMA/BILL/AlGore/BernieSanders ... ... ... (Blind LOVE for dumb ass POTASS) and all NON ULTRA-RIGHT WING voices is all part of that play book. When a NON ULTRA-RIGHT WING disagrees, THEY (he, she, them, etc) understands that is just a difference of opinion. You disagree with a CONSERVATIVE NATZI LOVING RIGHT WING WHITE MAN and YOU are the personification of evil and need to be stomped out of existence. Who goes into restaurants and confronts people? Just the RIGHT (Based on a true story). I shall leave it at that." 
LOL 9/20/19