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TSLA short was not working well until today. Resistance was pierced but ultimately held. Flying electric pig no more.


Thanks @NFTRH: Going down the Rabbit Hole? 
@ZPM can you still see the "She Males"? ROTFLMFAO 
@TK we are undeserving for all you do for the losers.  
Follow the Losers $TRX  
Another Loss: fight-ruling-blocking-asylum-rule/23778226/  
Now about that Wall: single-mile-of-new-border-fence-after-30-months-in-office  
Notice the continued /CL Range. Jul 9 <$1400.00 was not that long ago.  
Finally, General Barr must be livid. Collusion, Obstruction and public now. Trump your fired! and of course prosecuted. Mueller and team will certainly see to that. com/comsys/imgs/BUTTERSmeasured_w22Nja_l.jpg  
Much better things to do this time of year: More little ones on the beach again last night.  
Our beach friends in Boca are keeping the Squirrels, Raccoons and now Foxes from devouring the little ones. 1 in 1000 hatchlings make it to breeding.  
Off to get some more bugs, WINNING:  
Enjoy the rest of the trading day. Good thing we can monitor orders on the boat. ROTFLMFAO 
/CL See hourly: 7/25/19