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USD vs OIL with US elections every two years. Just because two things happen at the same time doesn't mean one is necessarily related to the other. But this makes me wonder if the dollar is being manipulated prior to elections to try to lower price of oil and gas prices for the incumbent. Don't know but would not be surprised to have the dollar peak now or at election time. You folks are smarter than me. What do you think? Have a good week. Tom B


Jesterx - Stop Losses Rule!Jesterx - Stop Losses Rule!
Tom I have heard your and others talk about this and timing to compared to the elections and what not? 
I think this is end of quarter, lots of shifting in and out of the market, and I have a buddy confirmed, with well connections, and there is not influxes on market till next cycle. So bummer we have to wait till NOV maybe for next BIG ASS rally. 9/23/14
Jesterx - Stop Losses Rule!Jesterx - Stop Losses Rule!
Then again, it looks like I might have play with gold, if after this week we have better looking daily and weekly charts, but bullish index, still conflicting here.  
We should see a very very big ass rally in gold in the next 12 months but. But do not be surprised to see gold slip more. This coudl be just a bounce. Take heed. 9/23/14
Thanks Jesterx 9/23/14