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Incredible and hilariously prescient - - that's our Gartman!

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Time for all-in short? 7/17/15
Also, long oil? 
"Now that the Iranians are going to be selling crude into the world market on a more aggressive manner it angers the Saudis… who are going to do everything within their power to make certain that they retain their market share," Gartman said. "That's going to tend to put downward pressure upon crude oil price." 7/17/15
Tim KnightTim Knight
Yes! 7/17/15
Ace HunterAce Hunter
He just called the bottom in oil today. 8/21/15
This guy today calling low in oil on Fast Money...then said maybe he was early and shoulda went neutral first. Then Melissa Sleeze, is that how you say it, then said 'Now that the low in oil is in...' All because of front month and next month gap blah blah attention to a real chart, China, global slow downs, fracker debt, and so on. It was hard to stomach. Sure we may bounce a bit, but Im thinking we get at least mid thirties. Needless to say, he cracks me up. 8/21/15