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HUI 2013.05 Fear Emptiness Despair.jpg

FEAR EMPTINESS DESPAIR (Twist the Knife slowly)


Idiot WindIdiot Wind
we will pay the price................................. 5/16/13
Market SniperMarket Sniper
HA! The time has come and it is NOW! buys-25mm-in-call-options-on-juniors/ Gonna be an explosion. it is coming! Already got the shot gun cocked and will load it up next week. Already have my list of Peanut Cap juniors. 5/16/13
Market SniperMarket Sniper
Already in one that is not on the list. Cplorado Resources. Bt a bunch of it 4 weeks ago at 15 cents a share. Check it out now. CLASF is the symbol. Just pulled back today to $1.24. This is but a harbinger for what is coming to this beat up sector. 5/16/13