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1SexyStud has been asked to leave by our host and knowledgeable well intention @MarketSniper. 

I've been reading Slope even before @TK required logins. It's been great.  
Wish each and every Sloper is successful in whatever endeavor you seek. Much, Mucho, Beaucoup, הַרבֵּה, πολύ, много, 許多,  
Anpil, たくさん, Viel, 많은, Mult, มาก, פיל פיל פיל פיל 

'luck' in the markets 
YOU ARE in-control of your destiny. 

Whoever originally posted:  
The journey has been amazing. TY 

You may want to watch a long interview with one amazing lady: 


And MUCH 'luck' you you you PickPocketers. Stay away from the steamrollers. Continue to watch what 'they' are doing. Make Money all. ('Oliver' was a theme this week) 

and of course: 
Strange Love to all:  
1SexyStud ツ ツ


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