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Also the money flow indicator showed that money was flowing out not in on the high volume day

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Good question. But I believe for what is worth, there is a good possibility. As Tim's rule dictate, if placing a trade, keep a tight stop loss and adjust as if moves in the expected direction to protect your profits. Otherwise, close the trade and let it reset.

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"When the tree falls the monkeys scatter". The chart mashup shows China's national real estate development and sales decisively rolling over in 2013 which has in part led to Chinese import data plunging into April 2014. (Charts via and NBS China) Gordon G. Chang, a Forbes contributor has been catalogin...

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I like the observation. Also the fact that both indicators are crossing over to the downside.

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First time I see this indicator.. Interesting.&nbsp;<br />Not sure what my menu includes for Easter yet..

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