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GDX Update GDX hitting a very nice 2/3's retrace in both price and time. A trend reversal here to the upside, I would consider extremely bullish.

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An option to short the Euro this weekend. Interesting weekly chart.

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Smith & Wesson dropped with the election result. The people no longer need guns to fend off HRC with. Almost a double bottom. But if it doesn't quite get there it will make a higher low. Make your own conclusions.

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@Silver: Did I expect a retrace of the entire 2009-2016 bull market? I'm not denying that I did, I just don't remember that I did. But yes, with these indexes I think the what we are going to see is a "healthy" correction of the 2009-present gains at which point it will probably bottom in the yellow zones and peo...

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Chart of the day is $NATGAS at

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Nice Dink :)&nbsp;<br />I see that you are approaching my camp fast regarding target&nbsp;<br />(you were expecting to retrace all and even more than the 7y bull)&nbsp;<br />;)

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Yes! Power laws are the dominant statistical odds in markets. That is why I always laugh when some genius charging money for subscription service claims "the market is now 3 standard deviations above its 20 day MA, so look out below!" The only problem is the market doesn't follow a normal distribution, it follows...

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By the way, drops like this are still, in my mind, healthy corrections in larger bull markets. If prices get back to those yellow targets, I will probably be a major buyer/bull. Until then, I am a bear.

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Will discuss. Volatility affects the downsloping of the stable Levy distribution. Fat tails apply at all times (governed by power law decay, not exponential decay)

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I can't wait to read the comments for this one. Better get my popcorn ready.

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