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For example, the last day on the right hand side of the chart was 11/24/2008 and since it closed with everything green (vertically) below the last candle, then I would stay with the long trade that I would have entered a few days earlier when the change from black to green occurred.... probably on the white diamond.

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A person trading the long side during this time might have actually made a small profit. How many of us sat through this like deer in the headlights? (like me!). A lot of folks are predicting a sudden collapse in the market any day now. It could happen I guess but looking at the top left side of the screen to the...

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Clearly, the expected benefits of tax cuts and reforms is leading investors to overpay for something today they are hoping will become fairly valued tomorrow. In other words, instead of prices catching “down” to market fundamentals, investors are hoping fundamentals will “catch up” to prices.

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Despite many who are suggesting this has been a “rational rise” due to strong earnings growth, that is simply not the case as shown below. (I only use “reported earnings” which includes all the “bad stuff.” Any analysis using “operating earnings” is misleading.)

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Chart of the weekend is $ES at

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The answer was simple: for the Chinese population, and growing middle class, to keep spending vibrant and borrowing elevated, it had to feel comfortable and confident that its wealth will keep rising.

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Spectrum Brands $SPB owns Russell Hobbs. It looks like it was on the up this week. Promising MACD. Seasonality also suggests that it is a good time to buy for a quick profit.

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Rarely ever a good reason to be on the wrong side of the market with this.

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Very fast / low delay indicators.Look at the topmost plot and everything below validates the move as trend or not. Very little use of old school stuff here.

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Looks like some combo of TTM squeeze and TTM trend. Or a vomit plate lol

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TSLA earnings curve. volatility collapse slightly hurts the trade, so best to close out in the morning. Max loss $200-300, breakevens $5 on each side.

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As I have shown previously, these late stage “melt-ups” are not uncommon. In fact, as shown below, it is something witnessed prior to every market peak previously.

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The chart below shows the 1000-point milestones of the Dow going back to 2009. After a long break between 18,000 and 19,000 in 2015 through the election in 2016, the Dow has surged higher ticking off 4-more milestones in less than a year.

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The 0.25 token that we never gonna get? Well you know my position on that one Btw it's already priced in the 2yr note Corner? janet? cmon...I know that you know

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Still divergent and should stay (dow top IMO) Makes a lot of sense to me