ES daily with monthly and quarterly Person's Pivots 

OBV trendline broken.


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Person's Pivots are key to my trading style. IMO, every trader should at least look at pivots. 8/10/13
Nice chart, Nf6! 
I've been trying to find the method for calculating quarterly pivots. I've found a pivot calculator on the net, but am not sure what time frame for the OHLC inputs to use. uses annual data to calculate monthly pivots. So does one use 3 the previous 3 year OHLC data for quarterly pivots? 
I am trying to create a mechanical buy/sell signal for long term retirement funds that are invested in broad market indexes. I wanted to compare the difference in signals given between pivots and moving averages.  
Thanks again for the chart. I enjoy the longer term/big picture perspective. 8/10/13