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spy and stock indices update 15 min 2.11sc.png

Stock indices short term update from last week. Every one who saw the weekly hammer in some of the indices last week had to figure we would have an early week rally. All of the indices on this list have reached a reasonable target. We bears just NEED A SIGN (from the Bear Gods). From my mind all is in place just give us bears a break: like a break of the up trend lines. Maybe tomorrow. Sleep tight. T


Jesterx - Stop Losses Rule!Jesterx - Stop Losses Rule!
i still fail to see why you people go into a bull market bearish minded. bull market = buy dips, bear market = sell rallies.  
Ultimately you pay the price, but what the hell do I know -=-==--=--=-= to each and their own I guess. 2/11/14
The market makers and professional money know how to hit stops and screw everyone. What that means is it is very possible we make a marginal new all-time high before another major downturn. I'm not expecting that (I expect a top in emini 1820-1830), but they might squeeze shorts to the very end. 2/12/14
Appreciate the feedback. My idea is that you try to ANTICIPATE (a change in direction) but WAIT (for a sign it has happened). So you can get in from near the beginning of the change. 2/12/14