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Dropping bond yields have my attention here .. 

10 year yield .. closing in quickly on a re-test of the CRITICAL "24" level (2.4% rate) .. I note this level especially here as "24" is where the Fed has intervened in the past .. HOWEVER this time they are unwinding their involvement .. that makes this time different .. I will label this "the new deflation" .. 

It is ALSO interesting to me that recently the Fed is spending a lot more money buying the front end of the yield curve (this week $6B in 10 yr vs. $2B in 30 yr) .. worth watching from my experience.


It's DEATHFLATION...get with the program, Faces ;-) 5/28/14
did not know Tim was going to post this .. 5/28/14
hey pipes .. hope things are well with you. 
yeah, the yields are in a spiral for sure .. it's going lower 5/28/14