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Gold futures hourly. 

Interesting topping head & shoulders then a whoosh lower. 

Followed by an inverted head & shoulders, and a small pop today. 

The 1.618 extension of that inverted H&S takes price up to 1195, with resistance just beneath 1200. 

Then we should see price roll back lower, hopefully the push to 1100, and maybe (Finally) $1,000.


Market SniperMarket Sniper
Hey! I want $300 gold so i can sell of of mine at that price, just like Gordie Brown did! And then he became Prime Minister! Just goes to show that no bad deed goes unrewarded! LOL 5/4/15
Gold so far playing out as the chart predicted. 
Bounce to prior support, which is now resistance. 
Now waiting for price to tell us gold wants to roll like a cheese wheel down a steep hill in Great Britain 5/5/15