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Merci ! 12/31/17
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Pas de quoi :) 12/31/17
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There is another reason that the comparison isn't perfect. While you are buying the same silver you are not buying the same DOW.. E.g. "Kodak" 
http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Historical_components_of_the_Dow_Jones_Industrial_Average 
But as mentioned , I'm playing the devil's advocate and making you work on your arguments. - I'm actually heavily onboard silver and not least the miners. I call it a hedge on my real estate. 12/31/17
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It's a great thing that you play that role! 
I agree with that to some extent 
On this chart it's not the industrial but the composite wich is larger and more diversified. 
The best index to compare (IMHO) would be the SP500 because it's the benchmark (IMHO) and the deepest + the fact that most of the corporations are multi-nationals.  
Someone told me in the past that I shouldn't compare indexes with silver because of the huge difference in market caps and I disagree with that because I consider large and deep indexes to be (on the long run) the best way with precious metals to measure real inflation (increase in money supply) in this world of government lies. 
"The same silver" yes and no :) productivity grows but is compensated by the fall in ore grades. Kodak and film photography collapsed and where big consumers of silver but technologic usage took that place. It's a commodity so versatile that new uses are found every months. We use less of it because of advance in technology but that also means that you can't recycle it at these prices and so on and so on... 
I would agree more with "the same gold" but silver is more special. 
Sorry for my English I'm a Frenchy :) 12/31/17