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WOW @TimKnight: 
Really appreciate the new "HOT" features. Sizzling! (Perhaps lists should be displayed in reverse order?) 
Is this going to "Post"? 
Wheel period resizing! WOW!! A great SlopeChart feature improvement too. 
ᕙ༼ °ل͜͠ °˵༽ᕗ 6/15/18
Something I've been trying to figure out with slopecharts and prophetcharts that maybe someone can shed some light on... why sometimes is the chart data different than what's shown elsewhere? HYG and EMB for example shows different price history on Slope & Prophet vs other charting platforms. Thoughts?  
For example: Slopecharts shows high of 114.89 Jan 5 2018 , where different charting platforms show a high of 118.14 in Sep 2016. ( Such as )