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Interesting, but what about the series of lower highs in PHDAX in late '04-'06? the mini-collapse in PHDAX in '11-'12?, the lower highs in early '13 and late '14? I'm no permabull, but as indicators go Kimble appears to be cherry-picking signals (or inadequately defining the signal) to make a bear argument. 11/21/18
Yes, they are! The Fed has the banks back. 
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What is the matter with @MS??? Has @MS living in one of GREAT 'merica shittiest states finally pulled this POTUS nutjob to the brink. @PipeSticks is @MS worth it. Perhaps put him on Ignore and allow him to bask with the other Right Wing Conservative White Nationalist in love with the imbecile occupying space in our White House. It's Mueller Time!! SOHopers Happy T-day. @1SexyStud  
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Congrats Nevada! Thanks @PipeSticks Next stop AZ  
@TK Great story. Congrats to the Young Knight ᕙ༼*◕_◕*༽ᕤ, pats for the 4 legged creatures and the chicks too.  
@MS the obnoxious continues "That was the choice in 2016 and from the looks of things, could well be the choice again in 2020. I shudder to think where we would be now with the hilldog in charge." Pelosi Pelosi Pelosi 2019  
@MS if you love $TRX @ $0.65 you are really going to love $TRX @ $0.25 /gc below $1200.00 how's that new stack feel now? DOUCHEBAG \_(")_/  
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Denial, that river in Egypt?  
@MS if "war is shits", why are the GOP including you, Chump and a host of others encouraging WWIII ???? (@MS - You do say the dumbest things, POTUS too, Is dumb a GOP concept? LOL)  
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Why do guys always look so great in shorts, especially in Broward County, FL???  
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Yes it is a direct attack on @MS, @Chump and a host of other HYPOCRITES regularly commenting here, vial anti-reality rhetoric encouraging and disseminating FAKE news direct from fox fake news (FNN). Perhaps SOH should be included in bannings similar to Large Social Media A&*hats contributors. @Zstocks regular fake news comments come to mind.  
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The House is in good hands. Senate is next and Impeach DJT AND VPOTUS too... Nancy for POTUS. @MS--LOL-- If you didn't like Hillary, you are going to really enjoy Nancy.  
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@MS if "war is shits", why are the GOP including you, Chump and a host of others encouraging WWIII ???? (@MS - You do say the dumbest things, POTUS too, Is dumb a GOP concept? LOL)  
Again, HYPOCRITES!!!  
@Duke too funny ツ  
"I didn't realize how addicted I was to a middle aged man in Palo Alto until after he disappears..." Welcome back @TK and team. Much faster now.  
'What a dick!'  
LOL -- '¯\_(ツ)_/¯' -- ლ ღ ♡ ❀ ♡ ✿ ლ ღ ♡ ❀ ♡ ✿ ლ ღ ♡ ❀ ♡ ✿  
✿ ღ✿ ღ✿ ღ✿ ღ✿ ღ✿ ღ✿ ღ✿ ღ✿ ღ✿ ღ✿ ღ✿ ღ✿ ღ✿ ღ✿ ღ✿ ღ✿ ღ✿ ღ✿ ღ 11/21/18