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Today was the second biggest yield jump for 2Y yields since June 2009...


Bullish! 3/21/22
The bright side is ,you knew it would happen. 
The bad side of it is, it did anyway. 3/21/22
To this point -- I've been trading /S2Y for a year or so. It's Tasty's product through the Small Exchange, but I believe it listed on some other brokers. When I want to hold a rates position for a long time, I use the /S2Y, /10Y, /S30Y products. If I am in and out intraday, I use /ZN & /ZB futures. I have had a lot of success with the Small Exchange yields products though. I've been rebuilding a pretty big long position in /S2Y for the last month, and today made it my most profitable trade of the past 30 days. 3/21/22