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BDI's bold call of a 1.29 euro, had me scurrying to review the chart of the Annular Solar eclipse of May 20, Brussels time.  

The energy of a Solar eclipse (new Moon) or Lunar Eclipse (full Moon) is said to last 6 to 18 months. In the case of the May 20th eclipse, I see it as a road map for at least 6 months, if not longer.  

Note the position of the eclipse by House. The luminaries are in House 3, 'environment and siblings'. This chart can be read many ways. Pluto, for instance is in House 12, the house of secrets, with a triggering aspect 'sesqui-square, 135° to the eclipse. Pluto is about subconscious destruction. Saturn is in a stress and conflict aspect 'inconjunct', 150° from the eclipse. Saturn is about authority, often financial. Find Saturn placed in House 8, the house of Death, ruled by Scorpio. There's more to this energy as it presented itself to Europe. Expect a cathartic event in Europe's 'environment' and among its siblings states. It appears we may be at that moment with the arrival of the


.. It appears we may be at that moment with the arrival of the first new Moon after the eclipse, June 19, next Tuesday, at 28°Gemini.... please see the previous astrological chart for the background to that energy. 6/14/12