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For the 5th time this year, VIX spiked and was instantly crushed in the last week...


As soon I saw your VIX chart last week I immediately bought calls on SVXY. Was slightly early but paying off yesterday and today. Congrats on the shorts! Really need to figure best ways to get short while being long at the same time, and yes it does make sense. It is just very difficult. I think to short successfully you have to become an expert like Chanos. economy-is-worse-than-you-think 8/15/17
TK, did you cover BURL? Thought I was riding that down with you. Not being greedy, I covered 1/3 in high 70"s to low 80.55, leaving half or so on for potential break down to mid to high 60's/low 70's. Trading around the position to save bullets to sell more on a potential rally to high 80's if we get some fluke move. Are you thinking move stopped at h&s neckline? 8/15/17