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A bit of a divergence here!


Update: Homes are now made of straw, you big bad wolf. 7/22/15
Good call, as usual.+++ 7/22/15
TK, not sure if anyone else has noticed or commented. But over the last year, there's been a significant change in the short charts you've posted for the most part; instead of shorting things on uptrends hitting ascending trendline 'resistance' (well...other than when you post about the indices), your shorts have been after a nice downside move has already developed, aka the oil shorts posts in Nov after they were already hitting 52w lows. Now you've just got to have a bit more faith in those and let them run to the downside instead of taking quick profits (I know...6yrs of the bulls taking every single temporary red $ causes us to take profits quickly before they disappear). I've ridden many oil short down 50% or more, taking only partial profits along the way. Only regret is that I've been too conservative in my allocations. 7/22/15