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@TK as you know, many of us are no longer to speak about any 'rain". Whether it's blue, yellow, brown, green. 

Purple Rain is probably ok for now. Just speak it softly: 

Turn away. Please do not stare at these gorgeous jew musicians.  

My tongue is out! You caught me. ROTFLMFAO  

I'm about to drool, all over this Dark Strawberry bar.  


it was multi colored and took on the essence of our hosts previous post. Dreams and fantasies, keep it UP!  

That's all for now, my buddy, Charlie is requesting some service. meow!  

Charlie is the old cat and he wants attention and treats. 

I'm taking this to another blog. ROTFLMAO......  

@ZStock. That man is a genius. "If they screw you, screw them back 10 times as hard"!!!!! 

FUCK diplomacy!  
'merica THE GREAT! 

Perhaps 'merica THE GREAT! 
could rip up some more treaties, fuck over the world, NEVER EVER allow any other immigrants into the USA. PERHAPS? 

FLOTUS Melania is here!  


Go to bed. I 2/8/18