Not saying it's going to happen, but just pointing out that if we had another Great Depression-type fall in the market, we would simply go back to the bottom of the channel.


Jesterx - Stop Losses Rule!Jesterx - Stop Losses Rule!
Good news for slopers : Eventually we will have to go back down to that channel bottom.  
Bad news for slopers : if you look at intrinsic values, and timing models which are pretty accurate, this will not happen for a few years unfortunatly.  
A Bonus : the market does not just fall if go into a great depression. The market is totally dislocated right away from what is happening out there in the real world. If you can prove me wrong on that dislocation, I would like to know how and why? 4/6/13
Not sure about the timing models comment. 4-5 years up has been the range for the previous bull market phases since 1996. We just passed the 4 year mark in Mar 2013. Also, not sure what you mean by "intrinsic value." Sounds like PE valuation. This could shift quickly if the "E" starts to slow. I see a top forming over the next 6 months rather than the next 6 weeks. The bears still are getting WAY too excited about these little downdrafts (think just last Friday). 4/7/13