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Going Forward

Looking at the new years agenda for this blog, will be as usual adding more useful features and tools that could improve trading for the readers. First thing new posts will be released initially on Mondays rather than during the weekend, as a lot of setups become invalid after the weeks open. This way analysis has better potential to be correct due to the fact that Mondays are settling days before real action will kickin in later in the week.  In coming stubs Commitment of Traders (COT) report will be integrated into this blog, that can serve as good guidance where Futures markets are positioned and potentially can give better perspective overall. Another feature that is currently being tested is feedback on  ideas that are being posted here on this blog. Without going into many details the idea is to have more interaction with readers as to whether they have agreed with current market view or not. Stay tuned for the coming year as it lines up to be exciting one with many setups and trading opportunities.

Trading signals  CAC40

French index has potential bearish Gartleys pattern to be completed @ 4297's area. Currently this market is in very much sideways rotation. Unless recent high's of 4340 is broken we are very likely to expect some correction to the south. Will be looking for a sell if this area will be hit this week.

China A50 (XINHUA)

Chinese XINHUA index is very close to it's lows at the moment. Area @6566's is where bullish pattern is about to complete. Will be looking to buy this area at the smaller scale initially as this position will be very much against prevailing downtrend at the moment. 


On FX side of my watchlist the is bullish Cypher pattern shaping up on GBP/USD pair @1.63's area. It is even handle number that very often has psychological effect as of prices stalling at those levels before reversals or move continuations. This pair is very much in the sideways mode at the moment, will be looking to buy this 1.63 area if market will arrive here this week.


 Australian Dollar cross that was added to my watchlist this year is very close to BAT pattern completion on 4 hours chart. This is a sell signal @0.9116's is very much with prevailing downtrend if looking at higher time frames.


Last but not least is the only commodity that is covered in this blog at the moment. GOLD (XAUUSD) despite breaking 1249's area on hour chart is struggling to make a new highs and as i write this post forming small double top @1251's area. This is short setup with fairly likely price going south from there in my book, with this market being still very much bearish on Daily and higher time frames. 

Have a good one traders, if you think this analysis has monetary value there is option for contribution of your choice below.  Thank you!


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