$VIX hourly chart 

I've circled the 3 important dates on this year's chart so far. 1/15/14, 3/7/14, and today. These are the days SPX made important highs. On 1/15 SPX made its important high before the Jan pullback. On 3/7 SPX made its recovery high after the Jan pullback. And today SPX made another slight new high. The VIX has continued to diverge higher with each new SPX high. Market participants are buying protection. Couple that with the nice positive MACD divergence on the VIX hourly chart, and next week is setting up to be a great week to be short stocks/long volatility. See ya then!


Market SniperMarket Sniper
Can get killed trading divergence unless doing it in longer time frames. 3/21/14