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October may signal a trend change for Euro


fibomanfiboman 6/10/16
Fibo I personally don't trade currencies but I think the dollar is going down. Dink think it is going up. So I vote for the Eurdusd to go up. Maybe Dink will buy me lunch if I'm right. But I have'nt asked him. How about you. Lunch? (this is not eating advise). T 6/13/16
Tomb I am currently neutral on EURUSD.If it breaks below the current trading range (which i think is very possible) then I think the next target down will be around parity in spring-summer 2017.There I believe it would be a longterm bottom.If it breaks above TR until late this year then probably the bottom is already set 6/14/16
Thanks for the explanation. 6/14/16